IP Address to Decimal Conversion

Convert either your IPv4 or IPv6 address into an IP decimal or convert an IP decimal value into an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

The IP Address Decimal Coverter Tool

Our IP to Decimal converter or Decimal to IP tool supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Enter either a decimal value or an IP address in the text field, where you can automatically see the conversion happen within milliseconds. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will automatically be converted to IP decimal numbers, while decimal numbers will be converted into IP addresses. In fact, our conversion tool automatically detect compressed and expanded IPv6 addresses and will output both the compressed and expanded IPv6 addresses if an IPv6 decimal value is inputted.

We designed this converter with convience and simplicity in mind, making this tool unique compared to others IP to Decimal online converters. Our converter allows you to instantly view the results of either the IP or decimal number. There is no need to press a button to calculate your input. Our website automatically converts your input in real time.