What is a Virtual Private Server (VPN)

A virtual private server or VPN for short, creates a private and secure connection over the internet. Instead of having a secure connection in a local network, a VPN allows a user to have a secure connection whereever they go online.

What can you do with a VPN

VPNs today are typically used for anonymity or bypassing geo-locked content online. While many mainstream internet users use a VPN for those reasons, businesses uses a VPN as well. A VPN can actually benefit a business by having an encrypted and direct connection to the company's private servers.

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Detect a VPN IP Address

No one can detect if an IP address belongs to a VPN or proxy without data. Luckily for us, we made it easier for developers to detect VPNs and proxies using our VPN Detection Tool. This tool differentiates a VPN or proxy IP by getting more information about the IP through multiple sources and detecting what network the IP is on.